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Smart SEO Reporting: Impress Your Clients with Meaningful SEO Reports

Creating meaningful SEO reports that will help your clients understand what marketing campaigns and SEO strategies to focus on is essential. It can help your clients get the data they need to generate more leads and create the appropriate SEO marketing strategies. Plus, it will also help your digital marketing agency become more trustworthy and effective—which is the goal to sign more clients and keep existing clients. An effective SEO report is a win for your marketing agency and your clients' business.

Presenting them with an extensive and insightful SEO report, among other duties, will impress your clients, which could lead to more clients and more work for your agency. Digital marketers should not only do a great job in generating leads, but they should also create comprehensive reports that explain the why and the how.

But what does an SEO report cover, and how do you create a meaningful SEO report that will impress your clients? These days, nobody wants to pay attention to a boring list of data and statistics. You have to be a little creative and only present relative information that could help your client's businesses.

Fortunately, we created this guide to help you understand what SEO reporting is, what to include in a top-notch SEO report, how to generate a good SEO report—and how an SEO white label reseller can help.

Honestly, creating these reports might take a lot of your company's resources. So with that in mind, working with an SEO white label reseller or outsourcing this important job to a white label company might be ideal for your digital marketing agency.


What is SEO Reporting?

SEO reporting allows you to demonstrate the impact of your SEO research and efforts on your clients. It projects short-term and long-term results by addressing a company's specific needs by including information that is clearly presented and easy to digest.

Clients hire digital marketing agencies and digital marketers like you for one thing—RESULTS. Many companies in the United States spend billions of dollars on digital marketing and SEO to broaden their brand and companies' reach and spectrum. With that being said, their goal is to get a ROI on their marketing spending—making it your goal as a digital marketer to generate results and create effective SEO reporting.

A well-presented and researched Binary Options packages report can help you prove that your clients' investments will bring in rewards—giving them peace of mind that the money they spend on SEO does not go to waste. It doesn't need to contain every bit of data. However, you should include all the relevant project data that will make an impact, such as keyword performance and rankings. And that brings us to the question—what data should you include in your SEO Report?


What Metrics Should Be Included in an SEO Report?

Different industries require different metrics to show in your SEO reports. However, some metrics are consistent in most industries. So whatever your client's nature of business is, you should include the following metrics using effective marketing analysis provided by white label companies like SEO Vendor.

Organic keyword ranking

Keyword ranking is the key to any SEO strategy's success. It represents the key to organic traffic and getting more people on your client's website, and clients will expect you to include these in their SEO reports. Make sure you add variations, such as new organic keywords that have the potential to rank, the current top-ranking keywords, and branded or non-branded keywords to view your competitor's rankings.

Keyword search volume

Aside from the keywords, you also want to include their search volume. This indicates how often people search for specific keywords in every country.

Organic traffic analytics

Google Analytics and other analytic tools will show you calculations of organic traffic, such as traffic from different regions and the time of day where a website gets the most organic traffic. Clients can benefit from this information when planning for marketing strategies and identifying their target market. small business seo services

Average time on page

Clients will surely want to know how much time visitors spend on their website. Longer duration indicates how interested visitors are in a company. It also helps clients see which specific pages or content is performing well—enabling them to create more interesting content for their visitors.

Bounce rates

Bounce rate indicates how many visitors leave immediately after clicking on your client's website. Having this information will allow room for improvement to make their content more engaging to attract leads to stay.

Conversion rates

The goal of any business is to make a sale. And having a consistent conversion rate is essential for any business to make a good stream of revenue. So, you need to include this metric in your SEO report because clients will definitely want to learn how to improve and create consistent conversion rates.

Additional insights and future recommendations

Aside from adding these metrics, it is essential to include any additional insights and recommendations on how you can help improve results, especially if there are issues with the numbers. Showing that you know how to address these issues will impress your clients.


What is an SEO White Label Reseller: How can they help with SEO Reporting?

With help from an SEO white label company, creating reports can be much simpler and more accurate. Companies like SEO Vendor have all the resources and tools you need to create detailed and easy-to-digest SEO reports that will impress your clients. Using these tools have many benefits, such as:

  • Getting more work done at a lower cost
  • Increases efficiency with the use of smart third-party tools
  • Create tailor-made reports that suit your client's needs
  • It helps clients dig into data easier
  • Has all the features that address your client's needs and issues
  • Creates white-label reports that you can put your brand on
  • Get support when you need it

Creating SEO reports requires a lot of time and resources, meaning you will need all the help you can get if you want to make your clients happy and have more resources to sign new clients. If that is the case, SEO Vendor has the industry-leading tools that can help you create comprehensive reports.

Automated reports with the help of SEO Vendor

SEO Vendor has an Artificial Neural Network Analytics Engine that gets you super-accurate SEO ranking consistency. An advanced neural network AI capable of learning SEO campaigns and establishing optimal key performance metrics. You can take advantage of this technology for creating well-detailed SEO reports that will undoubtedly impress your clients.

SEO Vendor's advanced tools will make the job easier; it is also quick and accurate—allowing you to handle more clients with half the resources. Sign up for FREE now! Visit the website to learn more

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