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Beware from SCAMMERS

Alert Guys,

This massage is just to inform you regarding some essential points.

You can see there will be lots of Telegram Channel as well as other Binary Option Tips providing services are online.

Most of the channel and guys will ask you to Create a new Account and join into their VIP group, which is normal and that is the common procedure.

Most of us use to do the same only.

Some guys use to sell some Forex Indicators, Robot and will charge some amount.

But beware of it and double check every time when you want to step in and want to try such kind of services.
Most of us use to fall in trap and use to loose all our hard earned money.

If you are in trouble with your account for deposit or withdrawal, apart from the service provider (Broker) you may ask help to that person from whose link you have created your account.

 - Do not buy any Indicator, most of the Indicator will not work in real Binary Option if you do not know how to use of it.
 - Some guys use to modify free indicator a but and use to sell the same indicator with high price.
 - They will show that the indicator is just working fine but when you will buy and try to use, you will see nothing is working.
 - Some guys will tell you about the Upgraded version of Indicator, they will also mention that previous version they will lock, but practically its not possible, please don't be fool.

If you want any Indicator, let us know, we can provide almost all indicator free.
You don't need to pay any amount in any form but do not buy any indicator from any one except from genuine MQL.

Before registering with any affiliate link given by anyone, cross check their service history, background, social site etc thoroughly.

If you are planning to give your account to a 3rd party for account handling just make sure you are giving it to right person or organization.

Most of the big and professional trader will not provide you this kind of service as they don't have enough time to do so.
Do not hand over your account to any one for account handling without checking background.

Be safe with all your money, in currency and trading market more than 90% people always loose their money.

If you want to follow or copy someone's service or signal just be cautious.

Wish you all safe and happy trading.
RT Trading GRP

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